After the first book, La Luce dell’Adda (The light of the Adda), dedicated to panoramas of the river, I wanted to turn to the trees and make them the protagonists of this second volume. Around the river the most varied and abundant forms of vegetation can be found. But even when the images concern the plains, the River Adda is still the protagonist, even if indirectly.The Padana Plain is originally alluvial and was created by the rivers’ and glaciers’ incessant work. Even nowadays, the plain owes everything to its rivers: the Adda is a source of irrigation for our countryside; and not only, but until a short time ago, the Adda, the Ticino and its canals acted as the backbone of the regions transport system.
In this book, not only will we see the surrounding trees and vegetation, we will also see how the botanical species are not an immutable presence. Trees that are now widespread were scarce until a few centuries ago. The trees hold their own story, touched by the long hard climate and more recently, and in a far shorter time, the hand of man which has chosen the species considered useful and spread them out.

The images inside this book make up a sort of travel diary which begins in the mountains where the river is born and finally reaching the Po. The Adda is presented in its light, its thick vegetation, its dense atmosphere. The images of the panorama are stupifying due to the vastness and the details of each particularity. This journey is a witness to the thousand year relationship between man and this environment, a story of a slow and incessant transformation which has turned the Adda into the backbone of the irrigation system and navigation of the Lombardy region: our river of excellence.