After Ferdinando Scianna’s famous book Feste Religiose in Sicilia (Religious Festivals in Sicily) was published, photographing the Sicilian Easter Festivals has become quite fashionable. I have also tried my hand in this theme, as I remained fascinated by the procession of the Mysteries of Trapani after an intensive research during my studies of the history of art. This was due to the value given to the groups of life size statues which men carry on their shoulders for the entire event. It is difficult to remain impassive in front of these giant theatrical representations which use the whole city as their stage and the habitants as the protagonists. With due respect to the exceptional images of Scianna, which are all in black and white, I personally believe that colour gives less gloom to the event. Easter is, in the end, a Spring festivity which celebrates the rebirth of nature after the death represented by Winter. For the Jews, this rebirth has taken on the historical meaning of freedom from slavery after the seven plagues inflicted on Egypt. For Christians it means the resurrection after the death on the cross. In the pain of Good Friday, in Italy called Saint’s Friday (Venerdi Santo) I believe that the joy found on the Sunday of the resurrection can already be perceived.