In a country with an untiring sun, such as Tunisia, the shadows represent a precious source of relief. For this reason many of the images here are of shadows. The faces and the doors are symbolic aspects of this fascinating country that lies only a few hundred miles from the Italian coast. It is a closeness which we cannot forget, unfortunately only when we are thinking about our holidays. Maybe learning about, rediscovering and trying to understand these neighbours could be a way of closing the gap which, apparently, has been created between the two banks of the Mediterranean or even between the West and Islam, as is fashionable to call it today. To tell the truth, this encounter reminds me of the apparent rivalry which divided France and Germany for centuries and which brought on the two World Wars in the last century, along with the tens of millions of deaths.
After so much extermination the European population have finally become part of a single European civilisation. I am sure that this civil war between the West and Islam after leaving us disgusted by so much hate and blood shed, will let us rediscover a civilisation which has its common roots in the the Christian Hebrew traditions, in the Greek-Roman cultural hereditary and in the many centuries of commerce and exchange across the Mediterranean.